Archive saves time & money

Are you required by law to keep email for a fixed period of time? Keeping too much email in your email system means bigger databases, harder backups, and riskier disaster recovery. Netmail Archive is an email archiving solution for Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013, and Office 365 that lets you store and manage email messages and attachments. Make overworked servers, increasing storage costs, and complex backups a thing you used to do.

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Say goodbye to downtime

Archive is run as a set of virtual machines that includes all the load balancing and clustering you've ever wanted. So even if a hardware problem crops up, jobs are load balanced between servers eliminating downtime. Acquiring another company? No problem because Archive can be easily scaled to cover anywhere from a hundred users to tens of thousands of users.

Simple to manage

Archive is part of Netmail, so it only makes sense that all configuration settings are done through a single interface. It's so easy to create policy filters and then automatically apply them too different domains, groups or individual users.

Compliance verified

Archive's compliance reporting feature verifies that each and every mail item in your email system is also in your long-term archive. This makes sure that nothing comes between you and 100% retention.

Netmail archive tracking job screen capture

Easy-to-create ILM polices

Create simple policies to archive your email, delete email from your email system, move email to new locations and remove email from the archive at the end of your specified retention period all with the help of easy-to-use email life cycle management.

Single-instance storage

Archive restores single-instance storage across the entire archive. With its unique de-duplication technology, email attachments are only stored once in the archive, all the while ensuring that the size of the archive is kept to a minimum.

Simple migration tools

Archive works well in both GroupWise and Exchange environments. Moving to Exchange 2013 or Office 365 in the future? Archive includes simple migration tools to make sure that you are ready for any size move any time. Messaging Architects, our Professional Services division of Netmail, has all the expertise you need to help make your migration project a success.