Why Netmail?

Simply put because Netmail is going to make the job of email management a whole lot simpler! With Netmail, you'll never have to juggle five different solutions to manage email ever again. Netmail consolidates Secure, Encrypt, Archive, Search, Store, Detach and Monitor into a single web-based administration console that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Even from home. Hundreds of email administrators already experience the benefits of better social lives, more gaming time, and extra Zzzzs by using the Netmail Platform to manage their email systems.

Netmail Email Management Platform


Monitor is a set & forget email monitoring dashboard for your Exchange email system. Netmail Monitor analyzes the health of your email system and provides you with an onscreen view so you can pro-actively address issues before they arise.


Secure is a policy-based email security solution that integrates leading anti-spam, anti-malware, content filtering, data leak prevention, and encryption. Secure provides any size organization with total protection to stop inbound and outbound email threats from impacting the organization and compromising security.


Encrypt is an easy-to-use email encryption solution that ensures secure delivery of incoming and outgoing mail. We call it email encryption for dummies.


Archive is an email archiving and discovery solution for Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010, and Office 365 that lets you store, manage, and discover email messages and attachments in your organization.


Search is a web-based advanced eDiscovery tool included with Netmail Archive and allows users to search, retrieve, view, manage, and export email, documents, and other electronic records quickly and easily in support of litigation, legal discovery, or internal investigation.


Store is an innovative, intelligent, and cost-effective method for managing and storing the growing volume of email. The solution is built on third-generation content addressed storage (CAS) technology and can be used to manage and store email archives and attachments.


Detach removes email attachments stored in Exchange and stores them in Netmail Store, helping reduce storage bloat on the Exchange Server, shrink storage requirements, and improve bandwidth.


Migrate is an email migration solution for Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010, and Office 365 that helps organizations reduce the time and cost of email platform migrations. Relax, it's just a migration.