Keep your email Secure

Netmail Secure is email security for administrators who want to spend less time managing email. With easy-to-apply policies covering everything from attaching blocking to content filtering and outbound limits, Netmail Secure helps you get the job done in less time than ever before.

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Easy to manage

Secure is part of Netmail, so it only makes sense that all configuration settings are done through a single interface. It's so easy to create policy filters and then automatically apply them too different domains, groups or individual users. A cool message tracking feature also allows you to track every email individually and quickly respond to that annoying question "Where is my email?"

Keep the good stuff in

With Data Leak Protection*, Secure makes sure that your end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside of your network by using policies to identify, monitor, and protect your data. If users need to send proprietary and confidential information outside the organization, Netmail Encrypt can help.

Make your end users happy

Isn't it time to let your end users manage their own spam quarantines? With Secure, they can either manage their quarantines via email reports or via the web. Both ways feature require a single mouse click to release, report, delete, allow, block, and more. You can even let them create their own allow/block lists to make sure they get the email they want and block the stuff they don't want.

Netmail secure screen capture

Say goodbye to downtime

Secure is run as a set of virtual machines that includes all the load balancing and clustering you've ever wanted. So even if a hardware problem crops up, jobs are load balanced between servers eliminating downtime. Acquiring another company? No problem because Secure can be easily scaled to cover anywhere from a hundred users to tens of thousands of users.

Protect your reputation & your job

Secure protects your reputation & your job by making sure that compromised computers within your network are not spamming your contacts. You'll also receive alerts as soon as any outbound spamming is detected.

Smart email routing

If you are running multiple domains or email servers, Secure automatically knows what goes where.

Go green

Secure is delivered as a software download which means not only will you reduce your environmental footprint, you'll also be up and running in less than an hour.

*Data Leak Protection in Secure requires Netmail Encrypt.