Email Essentials


Remove GroupWise client and IM files and registry settings without end-user intervention to ensure your system is up-to-date


Check the integrity of your email archives before you roll out your corporate archiving policy. CheckIt is an application that builds and runs GWCheck jobs for GroupWise archives. A CheckIt process can consist of up to four GWCheck jobs


Centralize your GroupWise archives for an easy deployment of corporate policies for email retention. MergeIt runs as a GUI tool. It merges two archives from the same user without going through the exercise of manually unarchiving and re-archiving all the messages or changing FIDs.


Easily transfer GroupWise archives without the risk of error or message loss. FIDIt is a GUI wrapper for the GroupWise FID Editor. The GroupWise FID Editor renames the internal three-character userid in an archive so it can be associated with another user.