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"We considered the Quest tool, but at the end of the migration, you just threw the tool away. You paid all that money just to migrate. With Netmail, we quickly realized that after the migration we were going to have an enterprise-level email archiving solution in place, and email archiving was definitely another project on our IT to-do list."

Robert Evans , Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital

Email Migrations Netmail


Email is a critical business application for Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, whose email users have come to rely on it as an essential part of day-to-day communications at the hospital.


Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital chose Netmail to migrate quickly to Microsoft Exchange with minimal disruption to their user community. The hospital is now relying on the Netmail Platform to manage their email system on a daily basis.


Netmail helped Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital migrate to Microsoft Exchange. archive all email, appointments, tasks notes and address books from GroupWise, and inject a limited amount of email into the new Exchange mailbox to keep it small and manageable.

The Bottom Line

Robert Evans Telecommunications and Operations Manager, Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center