Why I joined Netmail

Ever wonder why our current employees joined Netmail? For some of us, it was the fact that we're 100% employee owned. For others, it was our honest & straightforward interview process. But don't just take my word for it though. Read what they have to say in their own words.

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Why I joined Netmail

Janu Bajaj, QA & Escalations Specialist

"I applied at Netmail because I found the job description interesting, it looked like a puzzle to me which contains questions and hidden answers. Then following the way out of that puzzle I had made up my mind to join the Company. The online test was enough to let me know that this is a company which is focused on finding the right person for the job, and thus is a reflection of their professionalism, experience and efficiency. The work environment is great and everyone is friendly and supportive with lots of opportunities for learning.”

Liven Tam, Sr. Technical Writer

"Apart from being a top employer in Montreal, I was looking to join a talented and creative team that enjoys sharing its knowledge. And that’s exactly what I found. The atmosphere is casual, and the people are friendly and helpful. The recruitment process was very efficient, professional and thorough. The best I’ve ever seen! In my role as technical writer, I have the freedom to architect information for an interesting base of customers. That’s the fun part for me. I love learning, so Netmail is the perfect place for me.”

Mohammad Ali, QA Test Automation Analyst

"“The reason I applied at Netmail is the fact that they are one of the Canada's Top employer. I always wanted to work in a company, where I will be tested with new challenges everyday. The online test before the interview, gave me a strong indication that Netmail is the company I was looking for. I joined Netmail as an intern and during my 4-month of internship, it became clear to me that at Netmail more importance is given to Innovation and less to formalities and that was the deciding factor for me to join Netmail as a full time employee.”

Ruben Claudio, Business Development Representative

"In my opinion, when a company takes the time to thoroughly interview their candidates it is because they want to ensure the success of not only the organization, but also of their applicants. Netmail’s hiring process is extensive, impressive, thoughtful and well rounded. In my ideal workplace, I always want to have smart, fun, talented, cool, and dedicated people around me. Netmail is my ideal workplace."

Maxime Ménard-Leroux, Sr. Technical Consultant

"I joined Netmail primarily because of the interesting challenges, and the cool technologies used. But as I found out, Netmail was an even better choice than I initially thought. For one, it really feels like a family. Everyone works towards the same goal and it just oozes collaboration. Since it is a small organization, you are not a number; everything happens at a human level. Also with the new technologies we use, there is always place for new and better ideas, and anyone in the team can pitch in. It's fast paced, and you do not get bored!! "

Effie Ladovrechis, Account Manager

"Netmail is a company that was on my “I need to work there” radar for quite sometime. Working for one of Canada’s Top Employers seemed like the perfect career decision I had to make, and the reason I applied. I was thrilled to get that first call from HR and from the very first contact I made, I knew I was at the right place. The interview process was elaborate and it definitely gave me the opportunity to talk about all my work and personal experiences. During the interview, I was given a chance to express my thoughts and it felt wonderful to know that the company was interested, and listened to what I had to say. When I got the offer, I didn’t hesitate to accept and started two days later. Fast forward a few months, I am now a team member of the Netmail family that consists of bright, happy, hard-working and fun people. We all collaborate and want contribute to the success of the company. We are all proud to be Netmailers! "

Haniya Hussain, Business Development Representative

"As I was searching for new opportunities, I came across Netmail. I chose to pick up the phone and talk to someone instead of just applying online. My first experience with HR and the team was warm and when they put me through an extensive interview, I was impressed. Now I am in love with the work environment, exchange of ideas, synergy between the team members and personal/career growth opportunities at Netmail."

Rania Kilani, QA

"What attracted me to Netmail is the fact that they are among the top 10 employers in Montreal. Their thorough recruitment process showed that they are serious about hiring the right people. They have a great product, they are 100% employee owned. The office environment is relaxed and friendly and the people are helpful and share their knowledge, so it’s a great place to come in to every day!"

Santiago Vazquez, QA

"Netmail first got my attention for being a Top Montreal's employer. Then while browsing the careers section I found the online test and I instantly knew that this is a company that will challenge you from day one. A great, clear and well thought hiring process confirmed my first impression of Netmail. Having a great product, Open Book Management practices, a relaxed office environment and getting the chance to work and learn next to knowledgeable peers make it a great place to be!"

Colum Dunne, IT Manager

"I joined Netmail as it became instantly clear in the interview that they would challenge my knowledge and skill's at every turn. Since joining the company, this assumption has been proven true. I am an IT geek at heart and to be surrounded by people that share my interest and passion for the subject makes my job always enjoyable. The company is very close knit and friendly. Everyone gets involved when needed."

Ivan Bilev, Technical Consultant

"Looking for a job opportunity in IT, I learned about Netmail from one of my colleagues form college. My first impression was that I'm at the right place. Professional and kind people, ready to help and to cooperate, this is what I met in the company. I would like to be a part of what I see as an excellent team I have chance to learn about the products and to show my abilities."

Anthony Wilson, Back-Line Support

"I heard about the job through a friend of a friend and I was immediately impressed when I heard he had been working for Netmail since its inception and that he had no desire to work anywhere else. The recruitment process was the most thorough I have ever been through, but friendly and casual at the same time. The work ethic here is very high but everyone is friendly and easy going, up to and including the CEO."

Benoit Labonté, Software Developer

"I joined Netmail in part due to the high level of professionalism I experienced during the recruitment process. When you pass through this process, you know the business is mature and knows what it is doing. I have received other job offers but they all seems to cut corners and lacked that sense of professionalism. So that was the main criteria of my final decision."