Monitor your system

Monitor is set & forget email monitoring for Exchange that monitors the overall health of your email system, including mail flow, and lets you recognize and address issues before sh*t hits the fan. Automatically configured for use with the Netmail Platform, Netmail Monitor is dead simple & easy to use. You won't remember how you lived without it.

Interactive Demo

Netmail monitor screen capture

Provides email intelligence

Provides quick visibility into mailbox database size, including volume usage, transaction log size and file size to help determine overall capacity requirements. Drill down into individual mailbox details to determine if a large mailbox should be moved to another database to balance capacity.

On-site monitoring with Cloud benefits

The Dashboard View provides one integrated view of all email-related operations, but with no large databases or servers to install onsite. Monitoring is done over the internet which allows for a simple view of the transit times for your email system. You can also get alerts directly from the Cloud if anything goes awry.

Complete system view

Provides a complete view of the system from mail flow to mailboxes, security, archiving, Exchange databases, servers, and more. View end-user challenges with mailbox quotas and mobile devices.

Free with the Netmail Platform

Free with the purchase of the Netmail Platform, Netmail Monitor is automatically configured to monitor all the components of the Netmail Platform and your Exchange system. Get all the benefits of a single integrated monitoring platform for your email system with additional 24/7 customized alerting and reporting as an add-on service.